domingo, 10 de octubre de 2004

amsterdam 2010 - "motors (second round)"

as the first "motors" workshop were quickly sold out we decided to offer the second round!

MOTORS (emotions, and big themes in clownerie)
an intensive clown workshop by lila monti.

(addressed to people with some previous experience in clownerie)

the workshop:
emotions like joy, anger, sadness, fear; sins like gluttony, envy, sloth; big themes like love, loneliness, death, desire. all of them are great motors for clowns. clowns are emotional beings. most of the times, even with a little and –apparently- unimportant thing, they are talking about a “big human theme”. and most of the times, and because their huge innocence, they had a touch of some “deadly sin”...

the purpose of this workshop is to work with this enormous material. to turn on those potent motors to see which of them fits better to your clown. to expand her/his borders and to add colours, nuances and possibilities to him/her. to put stimuli in action.

we are going to do some group training and some 1, 2 or 3 persons tasks, to develop:
.translation of states of mind, emotions, internal and external stimuli and impulses into actions
.projection and scenic urgency
.communication to the audience
.register of the present moment: “here and now”
.openness, permeability, vulnerability, surprise

to participate you need to bring your own clown costume (including a red nose) and some new accessories for yourself and to share (shoes, scarves, hats, bags, jewerly, feather boas ...) and the objects you usually use with your own clown, and also some neutral objects you can share (newspapers, plastic objects like kitchen bowls, balls, artificial flowers, plastic bottles, etc.)

also, you have to bring to the workshop one object that makes you feel some intense desire (desire to eat it, to touch it, to wear it) [just an example: a piece of delicious chocolate sponge cake , or a piece of really soft plush... I don’t want to use too many examples just to not influence you...]

number of attendants:
minimum 8
maximum 10

language of the seminar: english.

dates and place:
Saturday, december 11; and Sunday, december 12, from 10.00 to 18.00 (2010)

further information:
please contact Albina Matuzko or Lila Monti

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lean también lo tengo un poco abandonado. pero es mi blog que más me gusta. ese en el que escribo lo que me da la gana. y el amor.
soy lila monti. payasa. y este es uno de mis blogs.
tengo otros, varios, demasiados quizás. soy un constante intento fallido de orden.
podría decir que éste es el más "organizativo".
en uno de los otros oso reflexionar/pavear/escribir lo que se me viene en gana sobre el mundo de los payasos.