jueves, 17 de febrero de 2000

Clown Chaos.

 with lila monti.

Clowns create universes. And, in order to create those universes, they often feed on--and outfit themselves with--objects, things, tiny things, gear, materials, contraptions, kit bags, etc., etc. and (often a very loooong) etc. Understanding the differences between the types of devices clowns can work with can give more freedom in the creative process. Coming up with different ways of approaching the work is always helpful. And, in this training, the idea is that the materials themselves will serve as the springboard for inspiration.

So, the idea for this workshop is:
.To throw ourselves into the investigation of different objects, accessories and materials chosen by each clown or by me.
.Each clown will activate their own universe, starting from the contact with these objects, utilizing and combining them in different ways.
.The relationships between clowns will also be permeated by these objects.
.Ideas will arise from the investigation of objects and not the other way around, letting them be the guides and starting points for action.

To develop and deepen in the elements of clown technique, putting special emphasis on:
. The use of a variety of objects and materials as tools of clowning expressivity and as the primary starting point for inspiration.
. Contact with the audience, with our own emotions and with the here and now.
. Listening to our partners.
. Developing Play and Imagination.
. Translating impulses into action.
. Projection, availability and stage presence.
. Improvising from scores (in solos, duets and trios)
. The journey through exposure, fragility, and failure.

Comfortable clothes.
Clown nose. Clown costume. Materials, objects and inspiring things (once enrolled, participants will receive a text explaining the other materials needed for the workshop)

WORKSHOP’S LANGUAGE: English or Spanish.

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