jueves, 17 de febrero de 2000

Clowns by Nature

Clowns by Nature (clown for beginners intensive workshop, by Lila Monti)
Adressed to people without any previous experience in clownerie or scenic arts.

To be a clown is a constant attempt to be there, in pure present. To learn again to see the world through the amazed eyes of a child. It's a journey through failure, vulnerability, exposition, delight, fragility, ridicule, which is shared and exposed to the others. It is also to communicate, to laugh at oneself and let the others laugh back at us.

The clown is already present in every one of us, and this technique helps us to discover it. Since the moment we wear the red nose we start the work that consists basically on taking out one by one the layers that hide your clown.

The objective of the seminar is to start discovering the technical elements of the discipline and also to provide something to the extensive job of discovering the real engines of your own clown; its own color and language, its emotions, its excesses, its individual logics, its peculiarity.

to start working with: 
.contact with the public, with your own emotions and with the here and now.
.listening to the partner
.a journey through fragility, failure and exposition.
.development of games and imagination.
.comedy rhythms and dynamics.
.translation of impulses into actions.
.projection, availability and presence on stage.
.improvisation through assignment. (solo, duo, trio)

Working Elements:
Comfortable clothing

Language of the seminar:

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