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Moving the Clowns!

Moving the Clowns!
An intensive Workshop about Clowning and Motion, with Ganna Poppea Veenhuysen & Lila Monti.
(For people with -at least- some little previous experience in Clowning)

Dates: Saturday 13 & Sunday 14, June, 2015. From 10.00 to 17.00 (with lunchbreak)
Price: €220 (for earlybirds €200 -booking before the 1st, June-) 
Place: TBC in Amsterdam.
Language: English

How does a Clown body move? Is there any difference in between your "RegularHuman" body and your Clownbody? Does Motion (or/and absence of Motion) means the same thing in "RegularHumanBeings" and Clowns? Can you create/discover/recreate some emotions through your body shapes? How many different possibilities can you investigate and develop in your body,  to transform and let your Clown grow? Can an outfit, or a hat open a new side of your Clown? How does your Clown dance? Does he or she dance always in the same way? Which part of your Clown body gets activated with anger, or joy? What happens with yourClown if you get completely exhausted? And what if you have to be completely motionless?

We've got all these questions. And we believe that looking for the answers will guide us to some powerful places. Because we feel that Clowns are very alive creatures. And, for us, Life is Motion.

So, that's why we offer this Workshop: To move the Clowns and let them grow, change, play, sing and develop much more that we can just think.

.To deepen and develop the clown technique emphasizing on:

.Getting in contact with the clown’s own emotions and transforming impulses into clear actions.
.Creating a strong link between the clown and the audience using mostly the body tool (including the voice).
.Interacting with partners mostly through body "skills" and "lacks" 
.Development of imagination and games
.Projection, availability and stage presence.
.Passage through fragility, failure and exposition.

Working Elements:
Comfortable clothing
Your clown costume, nose and objects.

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lean también lo tengo un poco abandonado. pero es mi blog que más me gusta. ese en el que escribo lo que me da la gana. y el amor.
soy lila monti. payasa. y este es uno de mis blogs.
tengo otros, varios, demasiados quizás. soy un constante intento fallido de orden.
podría decir que éste es el más "organizativo".
en uno de los otros oso reflexionar/pavear/escribir lo que se me viene en gana sobre el mundo de los payasos.