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viena 2010 - clown duets and trios

Clown Duets and Trios (an intensive clown enhancement workshop by Lila Monti)
Addresses to people with a previous experience on clown technique.

The objective of this intensive seminar is to go deeply into clown duets and trios work.
To have contact with some comic duets and trios mechanisms and roles, to train the bonding and connection with partners, and also to train and develop every clown personality through work and exchange with other clowns.

Objectives and elements to be covered through the training proposed.
Development of the clown technique’s own elements
• Projection and scenic urgency
• Communication to the public
• Register of the present moment: “here and now”
• Translate state of minds and impulses into actions
• Openness, permeability, vulnerability, surprise

With emphasis on the development of:
• Bonding
• Listening and complicity with the partner/s
• Focus passage
• Joined construction and organization of the proposal
• Dynamics and role articulation in clown duets/trios
• Interaction, complementariness and contrast of universes, energies, qualities, poetics.

NOTE: There will NOT be work on established or fixed duets/trios; they will change every session. The objective of the seminar is to investigate your own clown through the work with different partners, NOT to strengthen the bonding of a particular duet/group.

Working Elements:
Comfortable clothing
Your clown costume, nose and objects.

Language of the seminar: english.

Number of attendants:
Maximum 12.

Theatre Heuschreck.

From Monday, December 6; till Thursday, December 9 (2010).
From 17.00 till 21.00 hs.

More info and registration:
please contact Susi Bali

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