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Austria. Innsbruck. Clown Instinct.


CLOWN INSTINCT (an exploration seminar with Lila Monti)
Adressed to people with previous experience in clownerie.
Dates: saturday 19th and sunday 20th, october 2013.
Contact and booking: Gerhard /

To be a Clown is a constant attempt to be there, in pure present. It's a journey through failure, vulnerability, exposition, delight, fragility, ridicule, and the encounter with the others. It is also to communicate, to laugh at oneself and let the others laugh back at us.
The Clown is present in every one of us, and this technique helps us to discover it. Clown Technique works with the presence on stage, with projection, with real communication with the public, with rhythm, uninhibitedness, development of imagination, use of objects, improvisation, a good listening to the partners, an acute perception of the moment, and with your own personal creative material.

The proposal of this seminar for people with previous experience on the technique, is to train, discover, explore the universe / the colors / the tools of every clown; through external stimuli and choices made by individual instinct, intuition, taste, sensibility and imagination.

We will work with different instructions in order to explore the particular, non repeatable and unique universe of every clown.
In order to submerge there and get surprised.
In order to create a place to find intimately one's own clown.

In the classes there will be a group warm-up and different individual, duet and trio exercises.

Every participant must choose in between:
An image (photo or painting), a song, a hat, a photo of you as a child, a sound element (could be a musical instrument or not), an object, a smell.
These objects could be used during the seminar or not.
After inscription, the participants will receive a detailed explanation about the requirements.

The participants must bring the clown costume, nose, objects and comfortable clothing.

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lean también lo tengo un poco abandonado. pero es mi blog que más me gusta. ese en el que escribo lo que me da la gana. y el amor.
soy lila monti. payasa. y este es uno de mis blogs.
tengo otros, varios, demasiados quizás. soy un constante intento fallido de orden.
podría decir que éste es el más "organizativo".
en uno de los otros oso reflexionar/pavear/escribir lo que se me viene en gana sobre el mundo de los payasos.